Streets of Baltimore – Gram Parsons (Ukulele cover)

Just showing off my new Ohana Vita ukulele (CKP-70R). Odd shape, dontcha think? The song is Streets of Baltimore by the late great Gram Parsons. First take as usual. Thanks to Deach for being the most generous, gentlest, and kindest giant in all the land. oh and if you havent already, check out and keep on rockin in the free world! Correction from EmilyUpJohn: This song was written in 1966 by Harlan Howard and Tompall Glaser. It was recorded by various other country stars (Bobby Bare, Charley Pride) before Gram Parsons recorded it in 1973.

Gram Parsons Upper Darby Live 1973

GP and Emmylou Harris and The Fallen Angels Live at The Tower Theater, in Upper Darby, PA. For the DIE HARD Gram Parsons fans only as audio varies!!! SETLIST`-1)Christines Tune 2)Tried So Hard 3)Well Sweep Out The Ashes 4)Streets of Baltimore 5)Hickory Wind 6)Country Baptizing 7)Love Hurts 8)Hot Burrito#2 8)Six Days On The Road 10)Sin City 11) Wheels…as usual, I do not own a thing-and dont forget to sign the petition to get our favorite son into the CMHOF!!!!!! GO TO WWW.GRAMPARSONSPETITION.COM And all have a blessed day..ok?

Together Again-Gram Parsons

From the album "Sleepless Nights Gram does justice to a cover of the Buck Owens Classic song.I dont own a damn thing. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO GET GP INTO THE CMHOF AT THANKS SO MUCH AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

The Rolling Stones: The Beginning by Mick, Keith and Charlie

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts on the early days of the Rolling Stones. Mick and Keith remember their childhood friendship, and the meeting years later at Dartford Railway Station that led to the formation of the Rolling Stones. Charlie talks about the early days of the band, when Mick, Keith and Brian Jones shared a flat in Edith Grove, London. The interview was filmed in 1989, and originally part of the documentary 25X5: The Continuing Adventures Of The Rolling Stones. 12th July 2012 marked 50 years since the first Rolling Stones gig at the Marquee Club Oxford Street, London. Follow the Rolling Stones online to be the first to hear about all their upcoming festivities: Twitter @RollingStones Facebook Tumblr Pinterest

[720p HD] Step Brothers (2008) — Trailer

Two aimless middle-aged losers still living at home are forced against their will to become roommates when their parents get married. Genre: Comedy Directed by, Adam McKay Produced by, Jimmy Miller Judd Apatow Adam McKay Will Ferrell Screenplay by, Adam McKay Will Ferrell Story by, Adam McKay Will Ferrell John C. Reilly Starring, Will Ferrell John C. Reilly Music by, Jon Brion Cinematography, Oliver Wood Editing by, Brent White Studio, Relativity Media The Apatow Company Mosaic Media Group Gary Sanchez Productions Distributed by, Columbia Pictures Release date(s), July 25, 2008 Running time, 98 minutes 106 minutes (unrated version) Country, United States Language, English Spanish Budget, $65 million Box office, $100468793 (domestic) $27638849 (foreign) $128107642 (total)

Gram Parsons – Fallen Angel

On September 19, 1973, the musician and heir to a million-dollar fortune died under the influence of drugs and alcohol near his favourite place – the Joshua Tree National Monument in the Californian desert. As the founder of the Flying Burrito Brothers, a member of the hit-making, legendary Byrds, an important influence on the Rolling Stones and the man who catapulted Emmylou Harris to fame, Gram Parsons made music history in only a few years. The film was made on location by director and musician Gandulf Hennig and American music journalist, musician and biographer Sid Griffin. Friends, contemporaries and devotees of Gram Parsons talk about the importance of his work and the bizarre circumstances of his early death. Rare footage of his performances shows why Gram Parsons has become a legend. Interviewees include Grams wife Gretchen, his sister and his daughter, Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman and "Road Manager" Phil Kaufman.

Gram Parsons: An Angel Grieves Again – Charlie Ray & Linda Washington Gram Parsons fans — check out my live video of "She"! This song is a tribute to Gram Parsons, country-rock pioneer, one-time member of the Byrds, co-founder of the Flying Burrito Brothers and a great songwriterperformer. The song is available on the CD "Suburban Legend" available on-line at Please check it out! Thanks!