Together Again-Gram Parsons

From the album "Sleepless Nights Gram does justice to a cover of the Buck Owens Classic song.I dont own a damn thing. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO GET GP INTO THE CMHOF AT THANKS SO MUCH AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

Dance like david danced

did you ever wonder why we say i gonna dance like david danced god gave david many victorys against all his enemys so to glorify god he danced before the ark of god as it made it way to jerusalem can you count the times god gave you victory in your life from sickness troubles problems worrys but did you dance like:??

you are my hiding place

the song you are my hiding place set to jesus of nazareth the song told from the blind beggars point of view shows how jesus is are hiding place that in him all thing are possible when we HAVE FAITH