Punchline – Stick With Us (Track 8 Satisfaction)

Hey enjoy the music. I Lyrics killing um, yeah thats for real &, when Im chilling Im freezing um, cause you know I stack a trillion, a million, bucks, a gazillion blunts, dont come around in cars, you can barely afford, they shoot through fold up doors, thats the crew, too raw and ridiculous, you should stick with us, quick and sick, click clack boom, got ya chick in da room, all night long in the thong, Imma just tell ya baby got back, we pull them bad ______ with them bad habits, I pull rabbits out the hat, got ya __ in a lasso, Whoa! its like the bish is walking on a leash Capisce?, sheesh Im a baller as soon as you sign, this shit, is deceased dead thats the beat, when we running in with the glock, refilling it thats the clip the drum, you can listen to that bish hum, as we chop ya block down, rolling in a hummer, da real street soldiers, real street soldiers. thats where we keep the heat, yeah look youre slaughtered, leave you looking like a paraplegic. ripples in the water, speeding it up when Im riding on the beat, these haters cant compete, they get beat in to the ground, I dont ____ around, you can hear the bass, shaking and quaking, on the block, cause you know that moneys making, when Im stacking that bank up, so back up, blauk~! blauk~! blauk~!, blasted up, so stack the doe!, we glow bright, like a star, yeah you ______ ______, know what we are, Stars, yeah we do it trill like, got that kryptonite, dont give a shit cause you haters cant <b>…<b>