Enigma – Beyond These Skys (Track 02 Satisfaction)

Hey enjoy the music. I Lyrics Im that ______ ______ MC on the scene, The glock and ks lock cocked loaded, and ready to rock and spray, get blown away so hop off da jock, before you get swept off da block, lights camera action Ima ______ ______ g, I put it down with my ill styles, I do it all the time while I smile, and get hype but you youll get crushed in to star dust, yeah thats right, so trust me when I say I kill like the plague, vague, at least I do it stylish like a wild styling machine, who cares how I make my track sound, I still keep running laps around any competition is, bound to back down, these ______ lames, know that they getting crushed, with a single blow, in a bound and leap ______ ____ are beat, compare to what ya cant be, dont give a ____ what ya think, I mean thats da way da game was, da cause da one thing I said that was, tight didnt get no love, murk.. 90{afaa16ff8fc15ae1f3a93f63bb0e25306e8730d54626544684f78bc2bc5f898c} of these ______ that lip sync. Yeah the names Enigma dont forget it, Ill split ya wig bruh ____ wit it. Dont give a shit son ya should of known, cause Im light-years ahead in the zone, so lets get it going as I gon throw a grenade yo way, you best escape Mikes razor blades, for days and days I got sprays and sprays from da ks, ______ ______ are left amaze when they hit with the bewildering ray, of bullets your way, bullet showers will devour any coward in my way, so its best to not play around before I spray a round and put you 6 feet underground. heres : – Styx – Castle Walls <b>…<b>