Temporary Satisfaction – Close

"United States of Hypocrisy" OUT NOW! Download it please! www.datpiff.com Subscribe! Facebook.comtemporarysatisfaction Twitter: @Temporarysatis instagram.comtemporarysatisfaction Dj Premier Instrumental Lyrics: Inspiration, innovation, sins of satan, live for ages all of this opposite to the wind we facin the real challenges that might seem infrangible but for me the mics indeed tangible this wicked flow will leave you miserable the docs physical cant touch my careers pinnacle my surroundings got me thinking the meanest the weakest link always got the links to the weakest gotta keep in mind that we in this together no matter who you are or the color of your skin is whatever for all strugglers that feel that they need rest frantically grab a sack of weed cuz you in deep stress not your kicks, your mind is what you should keep fresh the doors of chances never close so dont leave yet your parents always yelling cuz youre a scapegrace dark attitude, bad thoughts, that even day hates mistakes made thats cool cuz it happens to the best dont mind it cuz itll naturally get caressed I try not to admonish peoples wrong doings searching ways to criticize you gotta stop doing if the world continues this then well be all losing got a few things in common if you ask me to live happy & tax free & be real nasty & annihilate the crooks on Wall Street that we cant see but wait yo this shit gotta stop for a second I just take life one day a time while I formulate a rhyme <b>…<b>