Nick Martellaro – 19th Nervous Breakdown (Rolling Stones Live Ed Sullivan version cover)

Hi everyone! This is my cover of the Rolling Stones song, "19th Nervous Breakdown"…more specifically, their live arrangement, which they played on the 1965 Ed Sullivan show. I personally like this arrangement better, because it has an extended intro, more interesting breaks, its more raw, and has a non-fadeout ending. Overall, I think its more dynamic than the studio version…unfortunately, YouTube has taken down all the videos of the 1965 Ed Sullivan performance, so youll have to seek it elsewhere. My goal for this one was the same as my last Stones cover ("The Last Time"), which got a good response. Basically, I think the Stones songs sound best raw and unpolished. This one has no overdubs, its just exactly what wouldve been played live – two guitars, one bass, drums, and two vocals. I tried to capture the "first take" energy of this live performance. Let me just say, this song is RIDICULOUSLY fun to play. This is a great example of the Rolling Stones signature "weaving guitars" sound. Keiths part is a great rhythm, with some cool fills along the way. Brians part is a hypnotic riff that he took directly from Bo Diddleys song, "Diddley Daddy." Bill Wymans bass part is also ridiculous in the way he played it. Instead of playing lower on the neck, this bass line goes all the way up to the 12th fret, along with some crazy divebombing during the outro. Anyways, I hope you like it! I apologize if the video is slightly out of sync. This one was a huge file on my <b>…<b>