How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar

After I recorded this, I realized if people dont have brown sugar in the house, they probably wouldnt have molasses. However, this is for those that DO have it in the house 😉 For every cup of brown sugar you need, you will add one cup of granulated sugar to your bowl (or plastic baggy) with one tablespoon of molasses. It doesnt matter what molasses you use. I know someone will ask that. MIX WELL. This will yield you one cup of LIGHT BROWN SUGAR. However, you do need to be aware that most recipes will ask for PACKED brown sugar, so make more than you need and just store the rest for the next time you do a cookie in a cup recipe! If you want DARK BROWN SUGAR, you need to add two tablespoons of molasses to one cup of granulated sugar. Youre welcome 😉