Honky Tonk Blues – The Rolling Stones note for note cover – by GC

SONG FACTS: Keith Richards notes: "Honky Tonk Women" started in Brazil. Mick and I, Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg who was pregnant with my son at the time. Which didnt stop us going off to the Mato Grasso and living on this ranch. Its all cowboys. Its all horses and spurs. And Mick and I were sitting on the porch of this ranch house and I started to play, basically fooling around with an old Hank Williams idea. And then couple of months later we were writing songs and recording. And somehow by some metamorphosis it suddenly went into this little swampy, black thing, a Blues thing. Really, I cant give you a credible reason of how it turned around from that to that. Except theres not really a lot of difference between white Country music and black Country music. Its just a matter of nuance and style. I think it has to do with the fact that we were playing a lot around with open tunings at the time. So we were trying songs out just to see if they could be played in open tuning. And that one just sunk in." Lead guitarist Brian Jones was a founding member of the group and was considered their leader in their early years. Unfortunately, drug abuse made him pretty much worthless, and when The Stones finished recording this on June 8, 1969, they drove to his house and fired him. This was released July 3, 1969, the same day Jones was found dead in his swimming pool. Mick Taylor had taken over for Brian Jones on lead guitar, and this was his first appearance on a <b>…<b>