Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones – Guitar and Bass Cover Collaboration by GC and RR (Revised Audio)

brown sugar – Guitar and bass cover collaboration of the classic "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones. Lead and rhythm guitars by Gitcover – Bass by iamRottenRon – ————————————————————————————————————— Though credited, like most of their compositions, to the singer guitarist pair of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the song was primarily the work of Jagger, who wrote it sometime during the filming of Ned Kelly in 1969. Originally recorded over a three day period at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama during 2-4 December 1969, the song was not released until over a year later due to legal wranglings with the bands former label though at the request of guitarist Mick Taylor, they debuted the number live during the infamous concert at Altamont on 6 December. The song was written by Jagger with Marsha Hunt in mind; Hunt was Jaggers secret girlfriend and mother of his first child Karis. In the film Gimme Shelter, an alternate mix of the song is played back to the band while they relax in a hotel in Alabama. The song, with its prominent blues-rock riffs, dual horn guitar instrumental break, and danceable rock rhythms, is representative of the Stones definitive middle period and the tough, bluesy hard-rock most often associated with the group.[citation needed] In the liner notes to the 1993 compilation album Jump Back, Jagger says, "The lyric was all to <b>…<b>