The Ramrods – Brian Jones Tribute Gig – The Frog & Fiddle Cheltenham 24-2-12

Brian Jones Tribute Gig Friday 24th February 2012 To Celebrate the Life and Times of Cheltenhams most famous son on what would have been his 70th Birthday week, FDP put on a Brian Jones Tribute Concert Featuring Brians band he played in before forming the Rolling Stones, The Ramrods. Also on the bill were Fair Weather Fiends and Courson, featuring Olly Smith from The Vigil playing Brians Vox Tribute Guitar in both bands and Stu Booth also of the Vigil playing with Courson, both supports played Rolling Stones songs from Brians time in the Band. The DJ was Rich Abberline of Mention the Bear who played some great cuts and the superb Pan Pipes of Jajouka intro music! Enjoy! www.facebook.comCoursonuk www.facebook.compagesFair-Weather-Fiends163055450390510