Ron Wood Racing 2012 Artic Cat Wildcat Exhaust and Intake

Ron Wood Racing Full Dual Exhaust and Intake Kit for the Artic Cat Wildcat 1000cc side by side. With the introduction of the new Wildcat, Ron Wood Racing has developed a complete race oriented, competition designed dual exhaust system. The exhaust features a tapered megaphone with reverse cone configuration prior to entering the muffler canister, along with larger headpipes. This design creates more power through the complete horsepower range, especially mid to top end power over the commonly designed straight through muffler types. Fabricated completely from 304 stainless steel, tig welded and complimented with a satin brushed finish for durability and easy maintenance. Superior "Endless Strand" packing material is installed for durability and high heat resistance. Three optional endcaps are available: Open, Turn Down, and forestry approved spark arrestor. Double mounting brackets are on the mufflers for durability under harsh operating conditions and the sysltem is 6.5 LBS lighter than stock. To add to our performance kit we have also developed a high performance intake system which does away with the stock airbox. The stock intake tube to the airbox is situatedbetween the seats at floor board level and the air enters from underneath the chassis, allowing dirty kicked up air from the front tires to get into the airbox. Our new system does away with the airbox all together. A large 3" diameter stainless steel tube connects to the throttle bodyvia a tapered velocity stack <b>…<b>