Rolling Stones – Satisfaction (live 1969) HQ

(I cant get no) Satisfaction + short interview. From the filmdocumentary Gimme Shelter. A little discussion about this clip, comments made on this video – quoted: Im intrigued…..on the new version of Get yer ya yas out there is a live version of satisfaction and a performance on DVD and then there is this one from the film…..all seem to have different micky T solos …different singing from mick j…..yet same crowd scene on DVD…..just curious as to which one is definitive version….if any one knows??? poplife123 1 year ago @poplife123: The Stones played two nights at Madison Square. Both nights were filmed. So there is the performance shot on one of the nights and included in the Gimme Shelter movie. And the other performance was unreleased until the deluxe Ya Yas came out. tomthefunky 7 @mschiquitita10: Your very welcome. Any other questions you may have about this period in Stones history, feel free to ask. Im a bit of an authority on the 1969 tour and the subsequent film made of it. tomthefunky 7 months ago