Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck on SNL: Some NBC Stations Censor Song

It was only rock n roll, but some NBC affiliates apparently didnt like it when host Mick Jagger did a profanity-laced political song on "Saturday Night Live." Near the end of Saturdays season finale, the 68-year-old Rolling Stones frontman performed "Tea Party," a bluesy number featuring guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck. Jagger told the audience he wrote the song, which is about the current presidential campaign and its candidates who "have to strategize a bit." The next line included a curse word that evidently led some stations to cut away early to commercials, according to numerous Twitter users. However, other stations — including KNBC-TV in Los Angeles — ran the whole number uncensored. (Warning: The video above contains the profanity.) Because "SNL" airs during the Federal Communications Commissions "safe harbor" hours of 10 pm to 6 am — when broadcasters can telecast material deemed indecent — NBC was probably not obligated to censor the song at the national level, but local station managers could use their discretion. Right after "Tea Party," Jagger and the entire "SNL" cast — along with Steve Martin, former cast member Rachel Dratch and others – serenaded Kristen Wiig with the Stones tune "Shes a Rainbow." Wiig, the star of "Bridesmaids," has been rumored to be exiting "SNL" to pursue a movie career, and Saturdays show was essentially her farewell. She could be seen brushing away tears during her dances with cast members and earned a hug from executive <b>…<b>