Keith Richards & Elvis Costello Performing Live 2/26/12

Keith Richards & Elvis Costello Performing Live 22612. For authentic Keith Richards & Elvis Costello autographs please visit us at or visit us on Ebay at:

5 thoughts on “Keith Richards & Elvis Costello Performing Live 2/26/12

  1. There is a clip of this performance from a different angle by Roeymojo, where you can see that K.R. seems to have problems with the long strap of this guitar, which is not his but one of Costello’s (Costello first used it and you can see, how he gives it to Keith, when he spontaneously decides to play, in other videos, like that by elvisisking45). I read that Keith allegedly later told Costello it should be forbidden to fasten the strap on the top of the fretboard like Costello does.

  2. Movie about a girl getting into rock and roll and her parents dont like it. Elvis costello is a radio announcer or disc jockey. It’s set in the 50s or 60s.

  3. i mean, actually frames to put prescription lenses in. what company makes the real thick kind like that, real thick and big, not small or regular size, because that’s all my eye doctor has. they should be plastic. look at pictures of elvis costello or buddy holly to see what i mean. thanks.

  4. I’ve kinda become obsessed with Costello right now lol and I really wanna get every song by him but I wanna kno wat songs he actually wrote so please help!

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