Brown Sugar Live Cover by The Benders 1988

The Benders-Cover of Brown Sugar-Live 1988 Description: Live, in the studio demo cover version of The Rolling Stones classic hit "Brown Sugar". Im posting this as a tribute to The Rolling Stones 50th year anniversary as well as recalling a Classic Rock band I put together 25 years ago this month and year-February 2013. Because this is a Live version done in a warehouse studio, there was no real "mix" to the recording and as a consequence, my vocal got a bit drowned out. I was never happy with the fact that nobody else in the band could sing at least some degree of harmony. As a result, this is no comparison at all to the Stones original-not even close! However, I thought Joe did a great Bobby Keys impression on the Sax. Sadly, I recently learned that Joe lost his right hand in an industrial accident and can no longer play the Sax. This was another reason why I wanted to post this-also as a tribute to my old band mate. Thanks for listening. CREDITS The Benders: John Mascaro-Lead Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitar Kurt Cholly-Bass Guitar Bruce Hadicke-Drums Joe Macarelli-Alto Sax Gary Davids-Guitar (Not appearing on this particular song) Live Studio Recording-Miami, Florida (1988) Photo of The Benders by Gary Davids Studio (1988) LR: Kurt Cholly, Joe Macarelli, Bruce Hadicke, John Mascaro, Gary Davids Note to YT Admin.: A "Cover" is just that-a "Cover version" strongly and clearly implies The Benders were performing THEIR version of someone elses song. The Benders (Now a defunct <b>…<b>