LIMITLESS is a non-profit organization that is conquering diabetes through lifestyle and innovation. Our mission is to promote both diabetes awareness and healthy living in communities around the nation. Through public events, Limitless promotes hope and positive thinking in families and individuals living with diabetes. Through fundraising events, we will provide much needed funding to researchers, enabling them to solidify techniques for living with diabetes. In this way, Limitless will help future generations by preventing diabetes through research and public events. Our name, "Limitless" is, in a nutshell, what we are all about. We believe that the only way to help people to change is to inspire them to change. We want all people who are hear about us to understand that we believe that possibilities are limitless. We want to empower people to change their lives and broaden their vision. Diabetes is an enormous problem that is rapidly growing in the United States and is severely underestimated. Music by Mike Jones Lyrics by Brian Parker Produced in Provo, UT by Mike Jones Special Thanks to: Emmett Florence Nate Baker Jonathan Juretich