Brian Jones was murdered! Some people are so scared the truth will come out about how Brian died. They smear the name OR WORSE of anyone trying to find out the truth like Trevor Hobley who cares so much about getting real justice for Brian! His life is in danger by darker forces people cant begin to imagine and he tries to find the truth anyway. So people smear and even laugh at him using psychics as part of his murder investigation. This video shows theres nothing to laugh about!! Ive known Trevor a long time and he is dead serious about getting Brian the justice he needs to rest in peace. Police use psychics too because they know the dead speak to us if we just listen!! Trevor told me hes been communing with Brians spirit for years now and knows Brian himself will lead us to the truth about what happened on 2 July 1969!!! Then I wonder wholl be laughing about psychics?? Trevor, your friends and the fans of Brian Jones support you!!!