Brian Jones Song: Original Stone

Song: ORiginal Stone Music and Lyrics: Gord Jantzen All Vocals & Guitar: Gord Jantzen Drums, Sitar, Marimbas, Percussives; Rocky JR Produced By Rocky JR Copyrights to Original Stone Gord Jantzen 2008 Recorded @ RMJ Studios in Coquitlam, BC CA Aug-Sep 2007 A tribute song I wrote about the wonderful musical genius of Brian Jones. He took the band into some marvelous directions that might not have happened without him. Without Brian Jones the Stones would have become a Chuck Berry clone band. A very close dear friend to Bob Dylan; Dylan provided the casket at Sir Brian Jones funeral. Perspectively, I think it is the great ProducerEngineer — Eddie Kramer who summed it up best about working with the Stones and his favorite member of that band. Thus , it follows: Eddie Kramer: on SIR BRIAN JONES;;;;;; "Dear asthmatic, old Brian. He was so sweet. And was to me — He was the Genius behind the Stones. The guy who had the most musical knowledge". Rolling Stones at Olympic Studios, London 1967 (( Gotto this website and click on the STONES Pictures and youll find the audio clip with Kramers views on Sir Brian Jones. In addition, Brian Jones played percussion on Jimis version of ALL Along the Watchtower and jam session of "My Little One" with Brian Jones playing Sitar . With the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary coming this year in 2012 — hopefully with a World Tour or at the very least some concert dates at the 02 Arena in London. Without Sir Brian Jones <b>…<b>