When the last time – Clipse ft. Pharrell Williams & Kelis

Lyrics: [Intro: Pharrell] (Get down!) Niggas and bitches (Get down!) You are now listening to… (Get down!) The real… (Get down!) And that would be… (Get down!) Clipse, the Neptunes… (Get down!) And the new label… (Get down!) Staaaarrr Traaaak… [Pusha T] Top down, chrome spinnin You see the boss grinnin, Im lovin these damn women I let two get in (Uhh…) She tried to let the rest fit in Im like, "Naw love, thats forbidden i aint for squishin" Thats a problem to the wheel well Trust I know them twentys real well Now we coastin, me, two chicks and toastin I turn up the volume watch the bass get em open Soft-spoken, with a wild side I love em in the ride, they love it in the ride We was movin bodies before we hit the party Fore the DJ started cuttin, [Scratches] "I was already fuckin…" Cinderella these girls from nothin to somethin Hit the parking lot, hear the club system thumpin Lose the face, you twos was great But its to the VIP, I got new moves to make (Get down!) [Chorus: Pharrell] When the last time you heard it like this Smoke somethin, drink somethin, get ripped And make the girls in the party just strip Move ya ass, girl (Get down!) Only if you know youve arrived From the club, to the park and ride How many chicks can you fit in that ride Put em up, homie (Get down!) [Malice] Hey, its just a day in the life Club nights, one of the reasons I love life Chicks be, in the back tipsy We gets in for free eaeday wit me Two <b>…<b>