The Rolling Stones – Angie – LA Forum Live 1975 OFFICIAL

From the album LA Friday (Live 1975) available from The Rolling Stones performing "Angie" at the Los Angeles Forum, California, USA on Sunday 13th July 1975, part of the legendary Tour of the Americas (TOTA). The track is from the album Goats Head Soup (1973). Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and produced by the Glimmer Twins, the song went straight to number one in the US charts when it was released.

28 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Angie – LA Forum Live 1975 OFFICIAL

  1. Sad to see …… A wonderful, amazing song …. Why Mick , did you have to destroy it by performing drunk and alltoghether in an other place. Good thing that you recorded it sober.

  2. After spending two weeks with Cabanel´s Venus in the country, it´s so good to listen to the equivalent music back in town.

  3. Rolling Stones’ music is like heroin, its definitely heroin induced. Led Zeppelin’s music is also heroin and crack induced for the most part. I can’t explain it, but The Beatles were too “poppy” for me with their girlish songs. They didn’t rock hard enough with their love songs, something Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin did. I feel The Beatles were much more about their appearance than their actual music. Listening to Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin resonates an energy in you, but The Beatles don’t.

  4. I want to buy the dvd boxset for my dad and the “Rolling Stones” episode is his favourite – can anyone tell me what season it’s on?

  5. The rolling stones have a recurring theme in there music(drugs,sex,war and the blues)but how come they dont sing about friendship and the power of your imagination?

  6. Do you know what the Rolling Stones intended the song to mean? What is your own interpretation of the song. Does anyone else find it incredibly thought provocking?

  7. I am the beatles fan. Love them as much as possible. sometimes get mad about them. I also like the eagels. now I want to listen to rolling stones. I’ve heard their song ‘angel’ and have liked it.
    so can you suggest some great rolling stones songs to start with? thanks

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