Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens

This Video about our cat Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens. Includes her pregnancy, birthing, and weaning. She really ask us to join her during the birth. Its like: – hey come-on upstairs, its time. FAQ : We got a little kitten on Christmas 2009 and we named her Sparta because we just loved The Mean Kitty Song about Sparta. Sparta is from the Bengal clan. We understand warnings about cats population .We keep her in the house to avoid her from pregnancy . We planning to spade her in future . All these wonderful new little kittens all got adopted into wonderful homes. Sparta lives in London (UK) and the people that were talking in the background was in Lithuanian. Camcorder Sony HDR XR 550VE were used to make this video. Thank you for welcoming and supportive comments : I couldnt stop crying because they were so adorable Ive never seen a cat giving birth to kittens. It was a wonderful experience, I hope to see it for real, one day. laughed so hard at 3:34 lol I thought the cat was a dog for a second My heart is in pieces, it has never exploded this many times in a row before. 6:07 BEST. CAT SMILING. EVER. Ive never seen or heard a cat pant before This is probably the most precious video I have ever seen.. Thank you for posting! 🙂 nice pattern they have there. At 8:37, the kitten is like "What the? Whos licking at my butt?" Ha-ha! He didnt see that coming! 7:31 the little kittens thinking is it safe to go on grass on not I have to say I dont like watching <b>…<b>