Safe At Home (for Gram Parsons)

Erin and I went out to Joshua Tree National Park a few days before New Years. We camped out for a night in the wind and rain and visited Cap Rock, the site where Gram Parsons was cremated by his friends after he died of a drug overdose in a Joshua Tree motel room. I was moved to write this song for Gram, one of my favorite song writers and musical inspirations… Safe At Home was the title of Grams first album with the International Submarine Band, and I peppered the song with lyrics from Grams songs and other references that Gram fans will pick up on. Erin made the video for me on 1162011, on a ridge in the Temblors, over looking the Carizo Plain and the La Panza Range, not too far, as the crow flies, from the Lost Hills… For more of Erins video work, go to: Visit my website at: ~