Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane – Title One [1976 Mahoney’s Last Stand OST]

Uploaded by Rich at the blog for 60s-70s heavy obscurities. Mahoneys Last Stand is an album by Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane – the music soundtrack for the 1972 Canadian film Mahoneys Estate (aka Mahoneys Last Stand) starring Sam Waterston, Alexis Kanner and Maud Adams. Most of the tracks are instrumentals. Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic link [edit]Track listing All tracks composed by Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane. "Tonights Number" "From the Late to the Early" "Chicken Wire" "Chicken Wired" "Ill Fly Away" (Trad. arr. by Wood and Lane) "Title One" "Just for a Moment" (Instrumental) "Mona the Blues" "Car Radio" "Hay Tumble" "Woodys Thing" "Rooster Funeral" "Just for a Moment" [edit]Personnel Ronnie Wood – vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica Ronnie Lane – vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, percussion Pete Townshend – guitar, percussion Rick Grech – bass, violin, drums Benny Gallagher – bass Kenney Jones – drums Bruce Rowland – drums Micky Waller – percussion Ian McLagan – piano, harmonium, keyboards Ian Stewart – piano, keyboards Bobby Keys – saxophone Jim Price – trumpet Billy Nicholls – vocals Glyn Johns – vocals