ROLLING STONES ONE HIT TO THE BODY IN HD Credited to lead singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards and guitarist Ron Wood, "One Hit (To the Body)" was largely the work of Richards and Wood. Both guitarists contributed heavily to Dirty Work overall, with Wood receiving credit alongside Jagger and Richards on another three songs. A sign of Woods heavy contribution is the songs distinctive opening of an acoustic piece. Wood used Richards own 1967 Martin D-18 to perform the jam in an attempt to come up with a proper electric riff, but the acoustic version remained. The band is known for their use of acoustic guitars to "shadow" their electric guitars; "Brown Sugar" being a prime example. Both Richards and Wood played electric, but the solo was provided by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Pages contribution was the result of a short studio session between him and Wood after Pages request to hear what the band was working on. Drummer Charlie Watts provides the songs driving beat as well as its notable cymbal opening, while Bill Wyman performs bass. I DONT OWN THE COPYRIGHT AND IAM SHARING THIS UNDER THE FAIR COPYRIGHT ACT.