Rock Singer Mick Jagger’s Facelift a great succes : HOW and Learn Video 2013

Today we will start with learning hot to make older people look Young and beautiful again . In this vieo we work on the face of Mick Jagger and we will show you the complete proces , how to do it . Also we will make a Old Lady from 90 plus years look like 50 again , and some works i made these last days for my female friends. Also Brigitte Bardot , even do she hates it , got her face done and the result is outstanding for a aged lady. of course all is done with Big love and respect for the artist and the copyright of the pictures are of the people that are on them , that goes for the end result aswel. My part in this video is to show you how to work with Portrait Professional Studio 10 You can download the demo and simply google it. Might put up a link to their site later this evening .