Robert Johnson Love In Vain / Old Blues Number Performed by the Glimmer Twins

The Glimmer Twins performing LOVE IN VAIN written by Robert Johnson. The Stones golden years with Mick Taylor playing lead guitar Ronnie Wood couldnt string Taylors guitar if he tried. When Taylor left the band the music was complete rubbish mate ! CREDITS : Robert Johnson went to the crossroads in the Mississippi Delta and made a deal with the Devil the same deal I made ! Stones for the the music made with Mick Taylor their best work ! Christopher Walken word on the street is the only source ! You Tube for making me appeal every video I publish people do worse on this channel why are you coming down on my Art ? I do not own the music rights or film footage this video is for your viewing pleasure ! It is for entertainment educational recreational informational use only ! I do not make one cent off this video I am not selling it on Canal street in NYC out of the trunk of my car.