Return to Sin City: A Tribute to Gram Parsons – Love Hurts (feat. Keith Richards & Norah Jones)

Gram Parsons was one of the first musicians to combine the high lonesome ache of country music with the guitar-driven attitude of rock & roll, and few have ever done it better. While Parsons was highly regarded by his fellow musicians during his short life, he was little more than a cult figure when he died in 1973 at the age of 26. With the passage of time, hes become an iconic figure in the world of country rock and alt-country music. Return to Sin City: A Tribute to Gram Parsons documents a special 2004 tribute concert staged by Parsons daughter, Polly Parsons, in which an all-star cast of musicians interprets some of Grams greatest songs. Lyrics: Love hurts, love scars Love wounds and mars Any heart not tough Nor strong enough To take a lot of pain Take a lot of pain Love is like a cloud Holds a lot of rain Love hurts Mmm mmm, love hurts Im young, I know But even so I know a thing or two Ive learned from you Ive really learned a lot Really learned a lot Love is like a stove Burns you when its hot Love hurts Mmm mmm love hurts Some fools think of happiness Blissfulness, togetherness Some fools fool themselves, I guess But theyre not fooling me I know it isnt true Know it isnt true Love is just a lie Made to make you blue Love hurts Mmm mmm love hurts Love hurts Mmm mmm love hurts Ohh, ohh, love hurts