pure satisfaction | kpop remixed #2

KAI DESERVES 720p! "Some things in life are out of your control. You can make it a party or a tragedy." Man, oh man, OH MAN. I am in too deep. No way out. Send food and pray for me, will you? But with the above quote in mind, I think Ill make this addiction to kpop a party. Whos in? Could anyone also send me Kai (or Jaejoong or Wooyoung, Im not too picky) with a nice red ribbon around him? THANKS. (Im just kidding of course, they dont HAVE to have the red ribbon) This was a lot of fun to make, again! Haha! The most difficult part was picking the song. Which reminds me, if any of you would like me to make more kpop remixed videos, send me some song suggestions! I may not follow up on every one of them, but I love getting inspired by listening to music. (Which is how I got in this mess in the first place, I swear KPOP IS SO ADDICTING AND SO ARE THE GROUPS OMG) Special thanks, and dedication to Sophie aka laikanou for introducing me to even more of the amazing kpop world. Merci pour les recommandations! Tas raison, BEAST, cest super badass, jadore! Merci!! ♥ Im not gonna name all the artists, just ask if you want to know someonewhich mv its from. 😉 Song info at the end. I OWN NOTHING BUT THE EDITING AND THE ADDICTION. Take care guys! Sophie PS I feel like you guys must think Im a complete lunatic when reading these scattered thoughts. Its past midnight when Im typing this, though. Normally Im way more witty and collected. (Except when EXO-K is involved. Don <b>…<b>