Mick Jagger live White House – February 21 2012 – Part 2

"Miss You" (Mick Jagger, with Shemekia Copeland, and Susan Tedeschi on backing vocals) Mick Jagger live White House 2012

24 thoughts on “Mick Jagger live White House – February 21 2012 – Part 2

  1. Is this the best you can come up with? Seriously? And by the way, Mick Jagger is the real genius because of his talent and endurance. He has the right to interpret what you call "the spirit of rock’n’roll" anyway he pleases, just like you have the right to post such comments (unfortunately). The only difference is that he has done it on stage for 50 years not blogging. Anyway I have too much self-respect to pursue this dispute any further. Have a nice life cynically criticizing talented people.

  2. The spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll murdered in public. Killed outright. Slaughtered by a deluded and obviously increasingly senile middle clarse Englishman who obviously never understood what it was in the first place. He was doing a facsimile, an impression, an imitation all along.

    At least that is now confirmed in perpetuity.

  3. I like it, too. A pitty, that it’s so short. Just realized the studio versions have harmonica on it, can’t believe I missed that! Thought it was strange when he included it here, though soon found it fits great. Probably listened too many live versions on YT and only where there was no harp. Do you know some more with him playing harp live? Never did it before? There was a sax, once harp – but not by him. I’m a new fan for a few years now and still have so much to learn about the band.

  4. The only difference is that Mick Jagger slept with A LOT of women while MJ slept with A LOT of young white boys.

    People that have known Jagger for years have always known that MJ ripped-off Jagger’s image and style but it was always a topic that was best if not mentioned.

    Maroon 5’s music video is making a silent statement of the whole issue.

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