Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ry Cooder, Nicky Hopkins – Jamming With Edward

Jamming With Edward Its 1969, and the Stones are back in the studio recording what will become one of their most popular albums, Let It Bleed. However, during a lot of the recording sessions, Keith Richards is frequently late to arrive and such was the case on April 23rd, 1969. Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and pianist Nicky Hopkins found themselves accompanied by guitarist Ry Cooder and while they waited they picked up their instruments and played. The result was Jamming With Edward! and, although it was not a smash hit when released in 1972 (reaching #33 in the US and not charting at all in the UK), it is fairly popular among Rolling Stones fans and bootleggers who enjoy an insight into the band as they rehearse in the studio. The album kicks off with "The Boudoir Stomp", a single-chordal track with a boogie-woogie feel. It sounds quite messy at the start, with a few lonesome notes from Ry and some shouts from Mick, but soon after it starts up into a nice bouncy beat. All the musicians come across well on the opening track; Ry on his guitar (although hes just playing chords), Mick on some vocals and his harmonica, Bill on bass, Charlie on drums, but most notably Nicky Hopkins, whose piano playing skills shine through fantastically on the opening track. The track ends with Bill playing some notes, and if you werent focusing properly you probably wouldnt even notice the transition to the next track, "It Hearts me Too", which is a bluesy number. When you <b>…<b>