Long haired freaky people – FATBOYSLIM (Directed/Produced by Charlie Watts)

My first attempt at a directing role for my uni module, music video. Try and enjoy

4 thoughts on “Long haired freaky people – FATBOYSLIM (Directed/Produced by Charlie Watts)

  1. BREATH…….


    come on and we’ll see like we were free watch the world around……here we go when theres nothing lesft to lose…


    who sings these the first one is like hip-hop and it starts out like that! please help! =D

  2. let the elites have the control, then they won’t technologically control us anymore
    we have the technology to move from one side of the world to the other within hours (via magnet train)
    in japan they have the train they call it “the bullet train” but the oil companies won’t let us until we give in – pledge yourself to the new world order
    be mentally ready for the new world order, for that is the dawning age, the glowing enlightenment of mankind – this song will get you in the mood, illuminati by fatboyslim, come on what have you got to lose people, let the demons in

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