Letters of Note: He is called Mick Jagger

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Keith Richards about Mick Jagger, in a letter to his aunt: “Mick is the greatest R&B singer this side of the Atlantic and I don't mean maybe.” Bryan Harrison: “Technology is not the way to figure out who is compatible and will never be…” Tell that to.
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Letters of Note: He is called Mick Jagger

In April of 1962, 18-year-old Keith Richards wrote the following enthusiastic letter to his aunt, "Patty," and described, amongst other things, an encounter some months previous that would ultimately change his life — the moment he met Mick
Letters of Note

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  1. Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha (Ke$ha) with Tick-Tock (Tik-Tok), Cher Lloyd with Swagger Jagger, Maroon 5 with Moves Like Jagger. I doubt that half of the people listening to these songs even know who Mick Jagger is! So, what’s with all the Stones’ references lately in pop music?
    Keke- You really never heard of Mick Jagger before Kesha? Wow.

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