I’m a Man — Spencer Davis Group (in HD)

"Im a Man" is a song written by Spencer Davis Group singer-songwriter Steve Winwood and record producer Jimmy Miller. The original recording was a fast, Hammond organ-driven blues rock track released as a single by the Spencer Davis Group in early 1967, reaching number nine in the UK Singles Chart[1] and number 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Lyrics: Well my pad is very messy and theres whiskers on my chin and Im all hung up with music and I always play to win. And I aint got time for lovin cause my time is all used up. Just a sittin round creatin all that groovy kind of stuff. If I had my choice my matter if would rather be with the cats. All engrossed in mental Chatter showing where our minds are at. And I relatin to each other just how strong our will can be. I resisting all involvements which each groovy chick we see. So I got to keep my image while suspended from a throne. that looks out upon a kingdom filled with people all unknown. who imagine Im not human and my heart is made of stone and I never have no problems and my toilets trimmed with chrome. REFRAIN : But Im a man yes I am and I cant help but love you so Oh no no. Im a man yes I am and I cant help but love love you so.