Dance Central – Satisfaction – Hard 100{afaa16ff8fc15ae1f3a93f63bb0e25306e8730d54626544684f78bc2bc5f898c}

Dance Central "Satisfaction" on hard 100{afaa16ff8fc15ae1f3a93f63bb0e25306e8730d54626544684f78bc2bc5f898c}… "Satisfaction" is originally performed by Benny Benassi. Dance Kinection interview: Facebook: Twitter: Team Cena website: I do not claim to be a B-girl, and I do not dance House. However this routine is really fun and different. I did get one nice in this routine, however this is not my best runscore on this song. I have performed this routine with all flawless moves completed, (as seen in my previous "Satisfaction" video). If you liked this video, give that like button some love! It wont bite…. If you want to see more Dance Central videos, click the subscribe button, its free! Facebook? Boom-Shakalaka! Follow me on Twitter to send me requests! I am Team Cenas first Dance Central Dancer! Catch me on the forums of Team Cena: