Beautiful People featuring JIMI HENDRIX " RILLY GROOVY" Official Video

From the album "If 60s were 90s" this track Rilly Groovy was kinda a Monterey festival tribute ( the one where JIMI set fire to his guitar!!) all the vocal samples are taken from the inbetween song chit chat hendrix was having with the crowd the whole vibe just seemed "Rilly Groovy" also Mike Bloomfield and Brian Jones of the Stones were sampled, Mike with that fantastic " This is somthin man" intro and Brian just introducing the Experience. What I like about this video is that we had a lot of what we sampled on film so we could put that in the vid, the whole thing cost £5000 and was filmed in 1993 at Fungus Mungus in Battersea, we had a big party with all our mates and played a gig ….also the film camera bit director Jim Wilson based on Midnight Cowboy…the other vocal AHH AHH in the chorus is me ……..enjoy Du Kane….. Song Hendrix Kane Baldry